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Clipboard Manager Clipboard Genie 4.1 - A Windows Clipboard Manager with Hotkeys and More
     Clipboard Genie 4.1 is a very useful software utility. Everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard is saved into Clipboard Genie. Text and Graphics. To retrieve it, simply click on the text or graphic in the list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard  where you can paste it into other windows applications. There is also a scrolling method  that enables you to scroll through the Clipboard buffer using hot keys F7 and F8. There is also a hot key function, this feature will send text to other windows applications simply by  hitting one key. It can also be used to run applications. Text from your Clipboard can also  be sent over the network to another PC running Clipboard Genie 4.1. 
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Features Include:
* Copy and save text and graphics from the Clipboard
* Scrolling through clipboard buffer using hot keys F7 and F8 or Ctrl-Alt Left Arrow and Ctrl-Alt Right Arrow. (By hitting F7 or  F8 you will see a last things you copied/cut in a box at the top right of your screen. The option you scroll to is  automatically copied into your clipboard. From there it can be pasted.)
* Run Applications, Send Strings of Text, and Send Key Strokes using Hot Keys.
* Holds the last 1000 Copies/Cuts of text or Graphics into the Clipboard. (Just click on the item you would like to  retrieve from the list box and it is automatically copied into your clipboard.)
* Enables user to access the last 10 Copies/Cuts using Hot Keys of Ctrl 0 - 9. (Simply hit Ctrl - 3 and retrieve the third last item in Your Clipboard)
* Clipboard Genie has a Windows Clipboard Viewer that lets you see the last 1000 Cuts and Copies of Text or Graphics
* Auto Trim is an option that can be set to automatically trim space and font properties from clipboard text.  Its great when do want to copy font size or extra data like in excel or web pages.
* Network Clipboard Copies clipboard data to another PC On the LAN running Network Clipboard Genie (Click on Network from the Menu. There you can turn on Network Functionality. Then you can copy data from a clipboard on another PC. The  PC's must be connect on a LAN running TCP/IP for this feature to work properly. 
* Twenty Four hot keys that can be used to print text to any windows application and send keystrokes or used to run another application

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