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Auto Type Deluxe 4.1 - Auto complete words that are being typed, and lets you ad custom short cuts or hot keys for Common used Text.
Auto Type Deluxe 4.1 Auto Type has two applications in one.  There is Auto Type Word Complete and there is Auto Type Send Text.. Word Complete finished words you are typing. Auto Type Send Text will enter a phrase or a word that matches short cut keys created by you. It is completely customizable and also has built in features such as date and time.  You can enter common words that are used a lot to a list. If you type a word that in the list, Auto Type 4.1 lets you automatically complete the typed word by hitting the tab key.  When you type a few letters that match the list of words in Auto Type it will display a list of words.  You can uses the arrow keys to select the right word then hit the TAB key to enter the word.   
This Application is great for people have to type a lot of the similar text.  Now you would only have to type the first few letters of words or a phrase that you use a great deal. 
You may download the Shareware version of  Auto Type and use it for free for 19 Days.  If you would like to use it after that, you may purchase it  Buy It Now - Purchase Link
Download Auto Type Deluxe 4.1 Link 1 - AutoType.exe
Download Auto Type Deluxe 4.1 Link 2 - AutoType.zip
Download Auto Type Send Text 4.1(Only) Link 1 - AutoTypest.exe
Download Auto Type Send Text 4.1 (Only) Link 2 - AutoTypest.zip
Buy It Now - Purchase Link
Features Included:
* Auto Complete word that is being typed by the user.
* Enter Custom Short Cuts or Hot Keys to send a line of text (no more repetitive typing)
* Automatically enter Date or Time into applications as you type.  Ad send text as follows "Today is %(date)% at %(Time)%."  
* Built in short cut features.  %(now)%  %(longdate)%  %(date)% %(Time)% %(run=anyprogram.exe)%
* The program will even send an enter of the string if option is set.
* Enables you to choose SPACE BAR or TAB to launch short cuts.
* Virtual unlimited number of short cuts and hot keys can be entered for sending text.
* Short Cuts are automatically saved and can be edited or deleted.
How To Use Auto Type Deluxe 4.1:
     - Install 
               * Double Click AutoType.exe and click Setup. Install the application into default or custom location.  
      - Usage of Auto Type Word Complete 4.1 
               * Click Auto Type Word Complete 4.1 Icon to launch application
               * Open any type of application and begin to type. When the first 3 letters of the word being typed match a list of words in Auto Type a list is displayed. Highlight the word you would like to complete and hit the TAB key. The completed words is automatically moved to your current application. You can hit the arrow keys up or down to changed the selected word.  If the word you would like is not displayed enter a few more letters.  Auto Type works for most words in the dictionary eight letters or longer. A list of words shorter then eight letters is available by request.  
     - Usage of Auto Type Send Text 4.1 
* Click Auto Type Send Text 4.1 Icon to launch application
* Enter Launch Letters in the first text box on the left side of the screen. These letters will be used to call the string of text.
* Enter the string you would like to send automatically when hits the launch letters.
* Select either Space or Tab to launch the short cut.
* If you would like to send an Enter Key after the text, then check the check box "Send Enter After Word" 
* Then Click Add String.
* To Edit an existing Short Cut String you can click it in the list box.
* To Delete an existing Short Cut Key double click the short cut you would like to delete in the list box.


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